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Sheet Piling 

Sheet Piling is used to provide temporary and permanent walls in the construction industry.When arranged together, they form a wall for permanent or temporary earth support, along with anchors to provide extra lateral support. In a home environment, sheet piling is used as permanent walls as they provide stability and durability to the interior walls especially basement walls. AFS specializes in providing a good service with sheet piling of narrow design, interlocking sheets that can be connected and driven into the ground to form a wall with stability and strength designed to withstand the high-pressure required to drive them into place.

We have the ability to do sheet piling which is economical, offers protection to the workers working in the vicinity of the area when construction is taking place in a confined space and to prevent cave-ins and can also be used for unstable or unsuitable ground conditions. We are able to operate in limited head room with restricted space utilizing our specialized equipment.

What we offer:

  • We Guarantee a wide range of sheet piling in homes used as permanent walls as they provide stability and durability to the interior walls, is also useful to prevent floods to structures close to shorelines.
  • We are also able to protect foundations from water damage, to support excavations for parking structures, basements, foundations, pump houses, and to construct cofferdams, seawalls and bulkheads.
  • Reliability of personnel, plant and equipment to provide a quality product
  • A proven track record of experience and knowledge across all areas of Australia
  • Localised plant and equipment support in capital cities around Australia.


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