Bored Piers

Bored piers are generally used as a foundation solution where the ground conditions are considered ‘fair’ to ‘good’ i.e. there is; no shallow water table, soils are cohesive or rock and spoil removal is not a problem. In some Design cases where Screw piles are not able to cater for the project, AFS specializes in conventional Concrete bored pier “Old school way”. Our operators and skilled drivers are pedantic with the way drilling, sleeving, pouring is carried out. We perform all our bored piers using the pendulum excavator method and have all the machinery and attachments to achieve diameter sizes from 300mm up to 1800mm

We have the ability to construct bored piers both cased and un-cased and can also offer the use of temporary pile liners for unstable or unsuitable ground conditions. We are able to operate in limited head room with restricted space utilizing our specialized equipment.

  • We are also able to offer design, certification, dynamic testing and integrity testing depending on our client’s requirement.
  • We Guarantee a wide range of drill rigs available (rotary, crane-mount, excavator mount, low headroom);
  • Reliability of personnel, plant and equipment to provide a quality product
  • A proven track record of experience and knowledge across all areas of Australia
  • Economical and productive methods of drilling in all ground conditions, from soft soils to very high strength rock
  • Localised plant and equipment support in capital cities around Australia


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