Screw Piling

We here at Australian Foundation Systems, know just how safely and efficiently, our screw piling system can transfer building loads in Sydney. Property owners and building engineers can take advantage of this revolutionary technology to upgrade from the more historical concrete bored pier.

At Foundation Systems, we use a carefully measured central shaft equipped with one or more helix plates, in effect a modern Archimedean screw. These screw piles have been demonstrably shown to help transfer building loads evenly through the shaft and radiating out from the helix. Our engineers will design a shaft and helix system of the perfect size and thickness to handle any design load or geotechnical condition. 

Across the country, helix screw piles are increasingly being used as a reliable and safe upgrade to the classical concrete bored or driven pier. By carefully adhering to the principles of classical physics, a screw pile is optimally designed to evenly and smoothly disperse building loads.

A few of the tremendous advantages that the screw pile offers:

  • Can be installed up to 20 times faster than old-fashioned concrete driven or bored piles
  • No secondary reinforcement material or concrete needed
  • Engineered to be optimal for all soil and subsoil types
  • Property owners can escape expensive spoil removal operations
  • Can be installed even on contaminated ground
  • Functions well in deep sands and other viscous foundational strata
  • No de-watering process necessary

Commercial Screw Piling

Architects, engineers, designers and construction experts know that a commercial building is the foundation for the financial health and productivity of the business. A properly installed and efficiently designed screw Pile for a commercial building, light industrial structure or other non-inhabited superstructure can ensure lasting and reliable durability for the firm’s property.

Our expert engineers will perform a careful analysis of the commercial structure, noting manufacturing or performance requirements, expected load balances, gravitational stresses and other factors in order to design screw piles with the right size, thickness and dispersion to optimally transfer building loads.

Commercial structures can be some of the highest sunken costs that businesses face on their balance sheet, which is why it is so critical to make sure that investments in real property are amortized by a dependable and secure foundation that will reliably support the commercial structure over decades. Screw piles, when optimally dispersed in commercial structure foundation, assure property owners years of a dependable foundation and building base.

Commercial structures can sometimes be subject to usage pivots as building owners or corporate mission goals change. Property owners know that the best way to protect their investment in commercial structures is to begin with a secure and stable foundation. By using screw piles, commercial structures can handle renovations, repurposing and other variations in weight loads, weather stresses and other transformative factors.

Residential Screw Piling

Savvy homeowners and family property owners know that a lasting home needs a strong foundation. At Foundation Systems, we will send in one of our foundational experts to carefully and analyze and assess your current or prospective home.

By using the latest breakthroughs in engineering efficient and reliable building load stress dispersal techniques, long lasting homes can be built. Carefully engineered helix screw piles in the foundation provide a rock solid platform to confidently reinforce and support the rest of the home.

Some of our clients at Foundation Systems come to us because they’re working on building their own home. Other clients are hiring experts in the field, and want to know how to keep costs to a minimum while still getting the highest quality in building materials and construction. All of our expert engineers at Foundation Systems are ready to show you how economical a quality screw pile can be. 

Small contractors and autonomous builders know just expensive historical techniques such as driving or pouring concrete piles can inflate budgets and cause cost overruns. Money is unnecessarily wasted on not just pouring the concrete, but also the expense of soil removal, piling rigs, geo-tech, steel cages, sleeves and other clean-up costs. With our screw piles, residential owners and home builders will see substantial savings immediately.

Industrial Screw Piling

Factories, workshops, assembly lines, manufacturing facilities and other industrial structures can place extremely heavy stress loads on substructures and floors. It is of critical importance that industrial structures be safely and efficiently reinforced and relieved by building stress reduction channels. The use of screw piling in industrial settings ensures maximum stability even under adverse gravitational conditions.

Our team of expert engineers will design and build the perfect matrix of screw piles to efficiently transfer building stress loads throughout the surface and subsurface, providing a stable and reliable platform to support the rest of the building. Working in tandem, the network of screw piles throughout the structural foundation of industrial facilities will harmoniously dampen and disperse even strong gravitational torque. 

Industrial buildings, renovation expenditures and maintenance costs can incur serious loads on the bottom line for companies and businesses in NSW. Manufacturers know that a long-term commitment to such valuable properties is a wise investment. Industrial structures with durable, stable platforms reliably protect expensive real estate and property investments over the long term. Depreciation’s in property values and real estate markets can be offset with deep investments in durable structures built on reliably sound foundations. 

Pile Load Test

Insert Australian Foundation Systems serves the greater Sydney metropolitan and NSW areas. Our experts currently offer a range of pile load tests. Used properly, a dynamic load test on structural piles can reveal valuable information on resistance distribution and help provide critical data on the shape and integrity of the foundation element.

Our experts will use a static load test to perform a test on the pile. This is done by applying double the Safe working load towards the pile head, with the use of hydraulic jacks. Careful recording techniques and data analysis can measure the strain on the pile head. At Foundation Systems, all of our experts perform dynamic pile load tests following standardized procedures governing the Standard Test Method for High Strain Dynamic Testing of Piles. 

We will then combine the results with observations and analysis of static load tests performed on the same foundation element to arrive at an accurate picture of the nature, shape and integrity of the foundation element as a whole. Proper static load testing can provide valuable information on any shaft resistance or end bearing resistance distribution issues, a critical metric for engineers and construction experts. 

Depending on circumstances and needs of the customer, Australian Foundation Systems also offers pile integrity tests. By applying advanced data analysis techniques to both dynamic and static pile testing, accurate information about pile integrity can be obtained.

Underpinning Sydney

At Australian Foundation Systems, we know that some homeowners and property managers in Sydney are searching for the best way to strengthen or improve the durability and fortitude of the foundation of an existing building or structure. Underpinning is a reliable and proven technique for amplifying foundation strength and endurance.

We recommend that our clients use underpinning in cases of:

  • The original foundation is insufficiently strong or stable
  • Building usage loads have been modified
  • Subsidence or other surface phenomena have modified the physical properties of the underlying soil or subsoil, or to ameliorate the miscalculation of same during the original construction
  • An increase in the gravitational load from an additional construction
  • To repair damage to the stabilization of the foundation as the result of an earthquake, flood, drought, or other natural cause or force major
  • To increase, upgrade or strengthen the load capacity of existing foundations after nearby construction mandates the excavation of supporting soil strata
  • Properties that would be prohibitively expensive to have their foundations completely removed and replaced

Our expert engineers will determine whether a structure needs to have its foundation extended in depth and/or in breadth so that it can be supported by a more reliable soil or subsurface stratum that can safely distribute building loads across a suitably wide area.


Crane Base Sydney

All around the greater Sydney area and NSW, engineers and construction firms rely on our crane base installations. Modern cranes are an engineering marvel, able to lift incredibly heavy weights without requiring any support wires or external support for stability. Today’s cranes depend on a large concrete foundation pad to provide the stable and secure base that they need to operate.

Using a small footprint, crane bases are carefully poured concrete foundation pads reinforced with the latest technology in load bearing structures. A solid and properly anchored foundation crane base offers a nearly immutable base for safe and efficient operation of cranes and lifting devices. Safety regulations and applicable legislation mandate that crane bases adhere to well-founded stability standards. Our experts at Australian Foundation Systems have poured thousands of meticulously engineered crane bases, providing a perdurable and equable base to facilitate cranes modernizing and upgrading living spaces, commercial structures and industrial facilities throughout Sydney and NSW

By applying classical physics, a modern crane can be securely bolted into the underlying foundation pad using Archimedean screws, thus ensuring a maximum torque load dispersal system to provide an ultra stable foundation base.


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