Underpinning Sydney

At Foundation Systems, we know that some homeowners and property managers in Sydney are searching for the best way to strengthen or improve the durability and fortitude of the foundation of an existing building or structure. Underpinning is a reliable and proven technique for amplifying foundation strength and endurance.

We recommend that our clients use underpinning in cases of:

  • The original foundation is insufficiently strong or stable
  • Building usage loads have been modified
  • Subsidence or other surface phenomena have modified the physical properties of the underlying soil or subsoil, or to ameliorate the miscalculation of same during the original construction
  • An increase in the gravitational load from an additional construction
  • To repair damage to the stabilization of the foundation as the result of an earthquake, flood, drought, or other natural cause or force majeur
  • To increase, upgrade or strengthen the load capacity of existing foundations after nearby construction mandates the excavation of supporting soil strata
  • Properties that would be prohibitively expensive to have their foundations completely removed and replaced

Our expert engineers will determine whether a structure needs to have its foundation extended in depth and/or in breadth so that it can be supported by a more reliable soil or subsurface stratum that can safely distribute building loads across a suitably wide area.

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