Pile Load Test

Foundation Systems serves the greater Sydney metropolitan area. Our experts currently offer property owners the option of performing pile load tests. Used properly, a dynamic load test on structural piles can reveal valuable information on resistance distribution and help provide critical data on the shape and integrity of the foundation element.

Our experts will use advanced technology to perform a dynamic loading test on the pile. By initiating a falling mass towards the pile head, careful recording techniques and data analysis can measure the strain on the pile head. At Foundation Systems, all of our experts perform dynamic pile load tests following standardized procedures governing the Standard Test Method for High Strain Dynamic Testing of Piles. 

We will then combine the results with observations and analysis of static load tests performed on the same foundation element to arrive at an accurate picture of the nature, shape and integrity of the foundation element as a whole. Proper pile load testing can provide valuable information on any shaft resistance or end bearing resistance distribution issues, a critical metric for engineers and construction experts. 

Depending on circumstances and needs of the customer, Foundation Systems also offers pile integrity tests. By applying advanced data analysis techniques to both dynamic and static pile testing, accurate information about pile integrity can be obtained.

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