Screw Piling Sydney

We here at Foundation Systems know just how safely and efficiently screw piling can transfer building loads in Sydney. Property owners and building engineers can take advantage of this revolutionary technology to upgrade from the more historical concrete bored pier.

At Foundation Systems, we use a carefully measured central shaft equipped with one or more helical plates, in effect a modern Archimedean screw. These screw piles have been demonstrably shown to help transfer building loads evenly through the shaft and radiating out from the helix. Our engineers will design a shaft and helix system of the perfect size and thickness to handle any design load or geotechnical condition. 

A few of the tremendous advantages that the screw pile offers:

  • Can be installed up to 20 times faster than old-fashioned concrete driven or bored piles
  • No secondary reinforcement material or concrete needed
  • Engineered to be optimal for all soil and subsoil types
  • Property owners can escape expensive spoil removal operations
  • Can be installed even on contaminated ground
  • Functions well in deep sands and other viscous foundational strata
  • No de-watering process necessary

Across the country, helix screw piles are increasingly being used as a reliable and safe upgrade to the classical concrete bored or driven pier. By carefully adhering to the principles of classical physics, a screw pile is optimally designed to evenly and smoothly disperse building loads.

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